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K-Startup Grand Challenge 2019 Selected Top 38 teams

Administrator 2019-09-05

We finally announce the result of the global audition!
Thank you to the 38 selected teams and all the applicants of start-up companies who have prepared for the audition.



No. Company Continent Country Introduction Hompeage
1 360F (Singapore) Pte Ltd Asia Singapore Provide customized solutions considering each customer’s situation(national regulations, etc.) with self-analysis engine.(Financial Happiness Solution) www.360f.com
2 7TILL8 Wetsuits North America United States Manufacturer of diving/surfing suits that are designed to suit the taste and body of individuals www.7till8.com
3 Anzene Asia Singapore Production and distribution of Energy Block, which is charged by solar, wind power. Data relating to the power consumption is kept safe with a block chain technology. The revenue structure includes rent-to-own and subscription. www.anzene.com
4 Backyard Brains South America Chile Neuroscience toolkit that utilizes amplification of EEG, EMG, ECG. It analyzes biosignals and sends out results to smartphones or computers. it is portable and easy to use. www.backyardbrains.com
5 BMPower Europe Russia Small hydrogen fuel cell, mounted to a drone and robot, that is 10 times more efficient than a conventional li-ion battery with the same volume and weight. www.bmpower.us
6 CALLISTA Asia Indonesia Cosmetic company that diagnoses a customer’s skin condition using the app and recommend the right product according to it. www.callistabeauty.com 
7 ChatQuery North America United States It uses a chatbot with capability to process natural language and with machine learning. It can save time by searching only the desired data from the database when requested. chatquery.com
8 Clotify Corporation Europe Poland A platform in which individual users can share and trade clothes they have.  www.clotify.com
9 Ekport

(Aibrid Importers and distributors Private Limited)
Asia India Platform that evaluates whether import and export items are suitable in a country. www.Ekport.com
10 Deta Artificial Intelligence Pvt Ltd Asia India Provide market research, data analysis and appropriate solutions for enterpreneurs using data analysis. www.etta.ai
11 Eyeware Tech Europe Switzerland Eye tracking program for a depth detection camera www.eyeware.tech
12 FutureLab

(Future Laboratory Sdn Bhd)
Asia Malaysia Mentoring platform that connects students and businesses. Both students and companies can benefit since it provides education closely related to practices in the business world. www.futurelab.my
13 GIBLIB North America United States Program helps learning the surgery process vividly through watching videos with the doctor’s explanation via VR.  www.giblib.com
14 HOLISTICS Lab Sdn Bhd Asia Malaysia Cheaper and faster program for Halal certification compared to traditional methods. The profit comes from app subscription and consulting fee. www.quikhalal.com
15 Incubig Asia India Review and revise the customer’s idea ,who applies for a patent, to make it more appropriate to the customer’s needs. www.incubig.com
16 InForIntelligence Europe Netherlands Provide optimized solutions for enterprises using its own algorithms www.inforintelligence.com
17 Inspire Me Korea Europe United Kingdom Provide products related to the culture of Korea with a monthly subscription.  www.inspiremekorea.com
18 KerabaTani Asia Indonesia Smart farming that combines IoT with agricultural technology to supply nutrients needed for crops, and analyzes conditions affecting it. By using the camera, it detects and exterminate pests, as well as helps to set up an optimal plan for the harvest considering the weather, temperature, and the age of plants. www.kerabatani.com
19 Kodimo Technologies Asia Vietnam Development of toys and tools for educating coding to children, which are relatively beneficial since they do not use a computer or television. www.kodimo.com
20 KUDO, Inc. North America United States B2B solution that utilizes A.I and enables real time translation of conversations including a conference call. www.kudo.live
21 L2P Europe Cyprus Program for online games and trending metadata analysis using A.I and big data of game matches. www.l2p.game
22 MicroX Labs Asia India Kit to calculate the total amount of blood cells(Complete Blood Count) targeting an oncology market. The kit is made with a portable size, and uses degradable cartridges priced at $1.5 for each so that it can diagnose diseases with ease. www.microxlabs.com
23 Minastir Technologies Europe Sweden Asset management through Data Analysis www.minastir.com
24 Minet Asia Vietnam Program to build a marketing strategy based on A.I’s social network analysis. www.minet.asia
25 nr2 Europe France Analyze a market using A.I and Big Data for the Chinese start-ups, help developing customized strategies and identifying business possibilities. www.nr2.io
26 ONDO PTE LTD Asia Singapore A on/offline fashion store inspired by K-pop artists. Offline shops are going to be designed similar to studios in K-pop music video. www.ondostore.com
27 Ominent Sdn Bhd Asia Malaysia Surface coating using nanotechnology and green technology, available on the  surface of various materials. www.iglcoatings.com
28 PhyPass Asia Vietnam Consumer behavior analysis program based on A.I  www.phypass.com
29 PowerUp Fuel Cells OÜ Europe Estonia Small hydrogen fuel cell, suitable for use on a yacht by overcoming the disadvantages of generation methods which use batteries, diesel, solar panels, wind power. www.powerup-tech.com
30 Red Dino Sdn Bhd Asia Malaysia Program that easily integrates sales platforms, which are scattered over multiple channels(SNS, online shopping mall, etc.) www.reddinoventures.com
31 Stepinshop Europe Ukraine New platform that has the advantages of buying online and offline, which allow consumers to experience and purchase goods without visiting the store. ar-commerce.tech
32 SummarizeBot (Textifai LTD) Europe Latvia App to summarize information based on A.I’s own algorithm. www.summarizebot.com
33 Team8 Europe France Smartwatch targeting 5-12 year old children. It measures children’s body movement and switches it into energy needed for the growth of characters in the game, so that it helps them to get exercise. In addition, it is a new concept smartwatch equipped with various functions including message, photo, and management for parents. www.team8.tv
34 toktok Europe France Sleep inducing app with a self-designed UI. It is affordable and easy to use, compared to conventional methods such as sleeping pills, hospital care, etc. www.toktokmind.co.kr
35 TPS Engage Europe Romania Build an integrated advertising network that connects on/offline screens one another by using IoT, and that can change contents of the advertisement in real time. www.tpsengage.com
36 TUBUDD Asia Vietnam Introduce various attractions and local guides in Vietnam www.tubudd.com
37 VrGlass South America Brazil Make VR apps, video, and VR glasses with a variety of designs to meet the customer’s needs. www.vrglass.com/home/en
38 Xenon Automotive India Pvt Ltd Asia India App that makes it simple to measure the degree of a car accident’s damage. www.clearquote.in